Seaford, Virginia

I had purchased a 3 spatula @ $30 each. Purchases were made in two times within one week or two.

One of the spatulas broke in first use (plastic part split on top). I went back to return it as to me product was defective. You don’t expect $30 spatula to break after one use. Since I liked the design so much I purchased it again but I did not have one of receipts.

W-S will not take defective product back because the policy. I said that defective products must be taken back regardless (spatulas were monogrammed WS logo). I did not expect such poor service from a store like W-S. After I emailed the W-S, store agreed to take it back but that is where horror starts.

Manager of the store (Norfolk VA) gave me a lecture about the return policy, how new policy wants email every time, and how the staff was right in denying the return. He treated me as if "a principal is disciplining student who is being reported for misbehaving." And never even once said sorry for the poor quality of the product or the trouble it caused me. He even tried to say now it is 12.95 each (product was so bad that store reduced price from 29.99 to 12.95 in less than 30 days). I don’t expect $30 spatula to break in one use.

No matter how great quality control William-Sonoma has, statistically, it is impossible to say never a product line or a piece of product can’t be bad. Also whatever supplier relations and controls W-S has upstream in its supply chain, there is no way they can guarantee that one of upstream supplier will not fail sometime. So there is no harm in accepting for W-S that this product was not as good. I was not there to beg for $60.00.

It was more of the issue whether as an organization like William-Sonoma can live up to its own standards. When someone shops at William-Sonoma, they expect quality and service. In this case neither it was quality or service. And W-S should know that $60 will not change anyone’s life but attitude will.

Fix this kind of attitude!!!! DO NOT TRUST THIS STORE.

Monetary Loss: $90.

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