While I dont usually take to contacting large companies, I feel that you need to understand what is happening at your stores to deter customers from returning and making the general experience in your stores something not worth repeating.

Today, I walked into the above mentioned store to find a gift. After finding an item I liked, I proceeded to find an store assistant to ask if I could see the entire set and what the price was as it was clear pieces were missing (cutting board set with 1 and 3 on it with 2 missing) and it also did not have a price marked.

I patiently waited for an assistant to be free and walked her over to the item. I followed her as she walked to another part of the store to check if it was in another section. After confirming it wasnt, the assistant told me that we should check the back and should wait closeby.

I waited around and after 10-15 minutes I proceeded to walk around the store to find the assistant. I found her at the register helping another customer check out. She was vulture like hovering over the lady at the register to make sure her code was put in the system. I assume this was for sales commision. I waited until she had finished with that customer as to not cause a scene and embarras her and walked up to her to ask her what happened. With blank look on her face she asked: "can I help you". I couldnt believe it. I guess when she saw a more affluent customer with a $500 blender that was more worthy of her attention than me who was looking at a cutting board.

I thought there was some order to being helped in your stores?

After explaining to her again what I had already asked for I decided to walk out the store as I was most certainly not going to entertain her nonsense any longer and definitely wouldnt allow her to benefit from any purchase of mine.

All together I spent an hour in the store just to get a price on a item which I later purchased in 5 minutes at another store on the middle of Christmas rush.

The relationship between the cashiers and store assistants is also terrible. They are rude and uncooperative and always seem to make you feel like they are doing you a favour. Now this is typical of people in Boca Raton but not to this extent.

Buyers beware! Most of their products can be purchased at other stores at better prices and much better customer service!

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Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #830295

Agreed...another WS manager here, it's not a commission system. There are sales goals, but the staff isn't getting any bonus for what you do buy.

Its all hourly alone. Also, a lot of customers don't realize how big our stock rooms are (most are two-stories) and we have earpiece walkie-talkies. It's very possible for a busy sales associate to radio to stock for your item, without leaving the cash register line. Also, keep in mind that store dynamics aren't universal.

I would die if any of my customers felt the way you did...and would take issue with ANY of my team doing the same. So, for that, I'm sorry you weren't treated nicely.

It's never good. :(

Leesburg, Florida, United States #789843

Go ahead buy them at those other stores... You will never get the same excitement from opening a gift wrapped in ws tissue from these other bargain basements.

FYI, we don't get commissions. Some, most customers, are very not.... Communicable. If a cs stepped away from you it means that she/he has gotten that you want a moment or so to think about the item.

Remember, you must say "I want to get it." Ok, your not the only customer. Let's face it!

to Tim #809247

Agreed, not to mention if you were shopping during the Christmas rush then you shouldn't be surprised if you were 'forgotten'. Retail associates see thousands of people every day and cannot remember one single person when you have 50 others demanding your attention. To all those customers who feel the world should revolve around them because they are buying from a company, go work retail during the christmas season then come back and complain.

to Tim #830303

As a WS manager, I am actually really embarassed about your tone. "You're not the only customer.

Let's face it." that's rude and uncalled for. This customer didn't deserve a haughty response.

It's not her fault that she didn't say "I want to get it..." Please. Learning moment.

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