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Product description - Le Creuset Saucier 3qt Red

Total payment amount $70.85 where other color cost more than $210

02/01/2013 - Order placed

02/03/2013 - Order has been processed

02/03/2013 - Status showed "On backorder. Available to ship on approx 2/22/13"

02/04/2013 - Status showed "Out of Stock. No longer available"

02/05/2013 - Chat with customer service

I feel they were dishonest with me. Fist I get a confirmation, than a status showed on back order and than they cancel my order because they don't have in stock? I do not believe a company the size as of Williams-Sonoma will have a online order system that will accept orders more than can supply. I believe they either are doing bait and switch suggested me to go online to place a new order? or they miss advertised a wrong price and don't want to admit the lost.

I suggested the customer service rep to allow me to have the item in back order but she refused saying she cannot do that because she doesn't have inventory to put in back order? Right! I always thought the reason the word "back order" exist is when they don't have in stock.

I suggested they replace me with another color which the price was way higher than the one I purchased. They denied my request saying they cannot replace because only the red one was on sale. Right, that tells me you missed advertised a wrong price and don't want to accept the lost. What about the time I spent to find a deal of such and other deals I missed because I stopped searching and purchased from you?

I asked if they will no longer carry this product. She said the only information she has is they are out of stock. I bet the item will be available again once people like me stopped demanding and complaining

As a consumer, i feel I have been violated by the retailer's dishonesty. Therefore, I hope I can get some help by reporting here.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Naples, Florida, United States #610365

Sounds like it was listed for sale because the manufacturer showed it available, then showed it backordered, then showed it discontinued. It happens.

They will refunds you and you can move on.

I order certain over the counter products for our pharmacy, a few are on long term back order, and we are just now getting Tylenol, Excedrin, Benadryl etc back. Still no word on Bufferin and it has been over a year.

Nothing we can do about it. Nothing they can do about it.

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