Since when are dogs permitted in high end merchandise stores? Saliva and fur took up more air space than nitrogen did.

This was not a service dog. Permitting dogs into a store when they provide no service is possibly the stupidest decision made by this company. I know they've got billions but I wish them the best of luck when they receive their first lawsuit the next time a person has a hyper-allergic reaction or gets bitten by the aggressive little rats Philadelphians call dogs.

It's disgusting purchasing an expensive product some flea ridden animal has licked...not to mention the owner was as pleasant as a cockroach.

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I'm actually glad you mention this, bc at my store (Vegas), we are having issues with pet owners getting highly offended that Fifi can't come in. I always explain that it's a health department regulation, basically a grocery/exhibition kitchen environment and no animals allowed, but I've had people stomp out and vow never to come back.

I don't understand their position, bc its not a standard store...we prepare and serve (and sell!) food. I agree with you and enforce it. Hopefully more do, too.

A few staff members got shy about asking, bc of the discomfort of having someone get really offended and I don't accept that. Food and pets do not mix, sorry.

Leesburg, Florida, United States #789846

Are you one of those people who live in a bubble. Pets are also customers...

If you can't deal with it go seal yourself in a bunker deep in the Atlantic. Do you want to know about the food industry? Those spices you buy in the grocery store has vermins and insects ground into it...

And also those meals that you eat in the restaurant/ ordered are not very clean all the time! Now that dog slobber is not as bad after all...

to Tim Montreal, Quebec, Canada #794505

pets are animals. not customers. please!

to Tim #830301

It's a Health Department requirement. Unless you want to lose your A rating, of course....trust me, it's an issue.

If the inspector is there, and sees animals in the store, you get written up for it and re inspected in ten days.

Much like how animals are not allowed in grocery stores and restaurants across the country. (Service animals only)

to Tim #830304

How are pets customers? I'm not understanding the logic.

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