Roslyn, New York
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I shopped in your Garden City store today and was appalled that one of the clerks who had a cold...could be that she had the flu... saw me waiting with a product I wished to buy.

She took a tissue and started blowing her nose as she walked towards me. She stopped facing me and took several deep breaths and nasty sounding blows that drew a reaction from the only other clerk I saw there. I wondered if I should walk out, but I thought that maybe she would disinfect her hands with some sanitizer. She walked to me, but, out of embarrassment for her, I said nothing.

She handled my merchandise, my credit card and the bag into which it was placed as if nothing had happened. I bought an edible product that was in a tin then wrapped in cellophane paper. I left the store, went to my car, got my sanitizer, disinfected my hands, took the merchandise out of its protective cellophane covering and threw that out along with the shopping bag and the receipt, disinfected my credit card, then I disinfected my hands again.

Please put sanitizer stations in your stores and TEACH your staff to use them and to be more responsible in safeguarding the health of their fellow employees and the public.

I am suggesting that if they need to blow their noses, they should step to the back and do so, and PLEASE use disinfectant!!!!! I hope you have such stations in your stores as customers do use them too.

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You need therapy.

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