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I always go into Williams and Sonoma each time I vist the Christiana Mall. After my visit on Tuesday I will not be returning.

I came and picked up a bottle of mixer, the store clerk immediatly told me that I needed to put the bottle at the counter until I was ready to purchase it. I shrugged it off and browsed the store, then I was told that perhaps I should look at the sale items along the back of the store. Which I still continued to ignore the man and browse until I was FINISHED. Unfortunately the man continued to follow me closely the entire time I was there, until I finally did leave.

I waited at the counter for him to only ignore me and help another customer. If you have not figured it out yet I am African American and the lady he helped was Caucasian. Luckily for me there was another clerk there that was willing to help me, and thanks to her not only did I get out in a timely fashion, but she was extremely helpful and friendly . I shutter to think how my expierence would have ended if she had not been there.

That was the first time I had that problem at the store and unfortunately for them it will be the last time that I will be buying anything from the store or the web site. I was treated completly different by the one sales clerk simply because of the color of my skin, the other lady did not get the same treatment I received at all.

I wrote the company and not heard anything back yet.

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So sorry for your experience with these racist pigs ! I myself had a bad experience with these judgmental *** !

They told me I wasn't allowed to work in their establishment because of a tattoo on my forehead . They said I was a nazi because I have a tattoo on my head and I'm white .

It isn't racist in the least . It cost me so much and so sorry for your situation too !

Knoxville, Tennessee, United States #857212


I also had a bad time at the store, I am a white guy 24 who as a hobby at time likes to ether bake or cook. I was out with my Parents shopping and my mom who is sick at times because of a medical problem doesn't get out much but she wanted to go shopping at the mall and I was window shopping I guess you could say :)

but I have been wanting to check out the williams sonoma store for a while because I was also considering enrolling in their cooking class so my parents went in to look around while I went to ask questions about their classes, afterwards I spent time looking around not long after I asked my questions and had a dealing with a rude female worker (who when I had a question acted like I didn't exist), soon after there appeared a large man jock type who followed us around the store watching whatever we picked up I guess to see if we were going to try to steal something.

After that I don't think I would shop there or take their classes, instead I will look elsewhere for cooking classes


I was also treated BADLY at Williams Sonoma. (I am blond caucasian.) The salesperson placed an order for me online -- inside the store -- and placed it incorrectly.

I did not get any receipt. When I asked her to cancel it, she insisted she did what I had asked, and did not apologize -- she said it was my mistake. After half an hour on the phone with their "customer service," she told me I had to contact them the next day to cancel. I asked her to do it.

She said, it was her day off the next day and acted passive-aggressively towards me, like I had just ruined her life. I will not go to this hostile place again.

I think that following a person may be a racist thing and should be reported, but these folks at Williams Sonoma also need some over-all training in treating ALL customers in a polite and professional way. Rude place.


First I am really sorry you had such a bad experience. I do feel it is important to make the following statements.

Are you absolutely, positively sure they were singling you out. The statements you said they made are typical, with the exception of, “You needed to put the bottle at the counter until you were ready to purchase it. Could they have said, “You may put the item on the counter until you are ready to purchase it. That is the exact words they use at our William Sonoma.

In addition, I too have had someone follow me, only to help me. The clerk may have felt you were feeling uncomfortable and thought it best for you to shop on your own. Unfortunately, there was another customer needing help. Did you really expect him to stop helping the other customer only to help you?

Again, I am really sorry you feel there was racism in your case! I’m sure you are a very nice and intelligent individual, but I WISH that you would not play the race card. It is definitely not appropriate in this day and age. I am so offended at the fact so many individuals see US as racist just because we are white.

I have come across several individuals who thought I was racist, only to find out I am far from it.

Please, Please, leave the racist card at home and show the great side of you. That’s what our world needs more of.!

to Its too bad you feel that way! New York, New York, United States #742827

Are you kidding me with this ***? If you think that admonishing strangers to stop "playing the race card" when they describe their experience is okay, perhaps the "several individuals who thought [you were] racist" weren't so far off the mark.


Racism isn't cool :(

Enola, Arkansas, United States #21361

I would strongly recommend the following: Send a letter to a higher-up in the corporation describing this experience. You could Google "Williams-Sonoma CEO" or "Williams-Sonoma Customer Relations" to get a name.

You might also send a copy of this letter to a local news station and/or newspaper. I would be very surprised if you didn't get, at the very least, an apology. (If you're lucky, you might get a gift.) The clerk who was so rude to you should not be allowed to get away with this, and she will continue to harass African-American customers if someone doesn't take action.

I would never shop in a store where anyone was mistreated because of the color of their skin, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation, so I need to hear about experiences like yours. I'm Caucasian, by the way--not that it matters, because it shouldn't.

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