So we walked into the store hoping to get information on how to clean a mesh skimmer that we bought from William Sonoma but the lady in the store we asked first didn't know. Another lady with a very pinched face butt into the conversation and asked what " 'our' problem was".

After we explained to her that our skimmer had changed colors, she answered "Well it shouldn't have; it's stainless steel" and abruptly walked away. CLEARLY, it should not have changed colors, that was the reason we came to ask in the first place. Sorry that there must have been something up your butt for your face and attitude to be that ugly.

We then went to ask another associate, who gave us a couple of recommendations, including contacting customer service online to see if the company would be willing to replace it. This was a drastic difference to the people at Sur la Table (who we asked first), who said that it was 100% replaceable and naturally after years of use.

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