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I ordered a bathroom vanity/sink in person at a pottery barn store on April 15th and the next day received an email notification that it would arrive on May 14th. May 14th came and went and I received no notification or update.

I called to inquire and I was told that it was delayed because they were "making it from scratch". 4 months have past and I have called every other day to try and speak with someone who can give me any info. I'm remodeling my home and the permits have expired at this point. The plumber won't install the bathtub until the vanity arrives.

I finally got a hold of someone on Friday, August 14th and she says her supervisor told her that the item I ordered is always delayed and they have tons of problems with it and I should just cancel the order at this point. I agree and we cancel the order. I still want the same looking sink so I call Rejuvenation (also owned by William Sonoma) to confirm that the sink is in stock and that there shouldn't be any delays. Tuesday the 18th of August just a couple days later, pottery barn calls to schedule white glove delivery of the vanity I cancelled.

Now I'm still on hold with William Sonoma attempting to speak to a supervisor to figure out how not to be charged for canceling the order I placed this past Friday and yet still be reassured that my pottery barn vanity is definitely arriving this Thursday. I'm being treated with disrespect, I've waited countless hours on hold in the past 4 months and I'm looking at being possibly charged for canceling the order I placed on Friday due to William Sonomas lack of company organization? How can you operate a company like this?!?! I should send this info to the NY Times.

Maybe they would be interested in sharing this on the heels of the Amazon controversy. Maybe your employees aren't treated badly, but what about the customers that spend thousands with you!?!

This reviewer shared experience about order processing issue and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). This person is overall dissatisfied with Williams Sonoma. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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I sympathize with your expirience. This item sounds like a direct ship item that has a third party vendor producing it.

WS has limited control over 3rd party vendors and how fast they put out their product. This is not an excuse but a reason for the delay. Any retailer out there can have this problem, expecially large companies where at times the right hand does not know what the right hand is doing. Going to the NY Times or social media won't do you any good and quite frankly a waste of time, expecially for a company where 97% of their orders went right without a hitch.

I know this does nothing for your pain. What I would do is ask for someone in furniture cust. service. They handle in home delivery and freight items.

They also have more info and resource to assist you. I would also ask for some kind of compensation due to your expirience.

Don't waste time talking to a supervisor, as they can't get back to you for 24-48 hours anyway, and the cust service rep will just tell you what the supervisor told them. I hope this helps and I know your expirience doesn't reflect favorably on our company but most of the time we try the best we can to deliver a quality product and expirience

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